11 Decorating and Furniture Ideas For Your Backyard Pool
Mar 6, 2023


Plants are an awesome and easy way to add a personal touch to a space. Cheap ceramic pots can be decorated with various craft supplies and painted in different colours or finishes to create a style unique to your space. You can even get creative by using leftover building supplies as planters, such as cinder blocks.

Another option is a vertical garden. Created by securing plants to a wall, vertical gardens are an ideal solution to add some colour and nature to your backyard pool without taking up additional space.


Lounging around in the sun is great, but doing so all day can be tiring, not to mention it increases the risk of sunburn and other health hazards. Creating an area of shade in your pool space means you can enjoy all the benefits of the pool while still having somewhere to cool down. Shade sails — UV-proofed fabric squares tied to anchor points — can be purchased relatively cheaply and offer a versatile solution, coming in a variety of colours.


Spending time by the pool doesn’t mean just swimming, sometimes you’ll also want to relax. Backyard pool seating comes in two types, in-pool and out of the pool.

Out-of-pool seating is your standard backyard seating; be it easy clean plastic or comfy armchairs. They are a great option for when entertaining or just sitting and relaxing by the pool. In-pool seating is either inflatable or made from buoyant plastic; it’s a perfect solution to relaxing in the pool while sunbathing or reading a book.

Outdoor Shower

Solar-powered and utilising water from your hose supply, outdoor showers can be a perfect addition to a backyard pool, allowing you and your party guests to rinse off without having to head inside.

Sound System

Whether you’re hosting a party or relaxing on your own, music is an essential addition to any pool and garden space. Different options are available to suit all budgets and styles, from portable Bluetooth speakers that can float in the pool, to permanent wall-mounted systems.


It may sound like a strange idea, but once you’ve watched a movie floating in the pool, it’s all you’ll ever want to do. A wall-mounted projection screen and digital projector mean you can turn your pool space into your very own cinema. Just be careful not to get the popcorn soggy!

Water Feature

Peaceful and relaxing to look at, water features are an amazing addition to any backyard. Whether added to the pool itself, or installed as an independent display, they are simple, look great, and they produce relaxing sounds; perfect for tuning out traffic and other neighbourhood noises.

Pool Lighting

The addition of pool lighting can be a great way to increase usability by allowing nighttime swims, as well as providing ambient lighting for poolside parties and entertaining. Depending on your budget and the style you’re aiming for, you can opt for either fully integrated lights installed under the water line, cheaper (but equally effective) floating units, or a combination of both.

Pool Bar

An in-pool bar is a great addition to pools regardless of size. Complete with storage space, preparation areas, and in-pool seating, an in-pool bar is perfect for entertaining. Of course, you can opt for a bar beside the pool, but then you have to get out of the water every time you want a drink.

Fire Pit

Even in the peak of summer, it can still get chilly at night. A fire pit is not only an excellent way to keep warm when the weather is cooler, but its flickering open flames add a beautiful ambience to any backyard pool space.


Adding some festive-themed decorations can be a fun way to mix things up for the holidays. Lights, ornaments, and Christmas-themed inflatables can all be a fun addition to your pool space during the holiday period.

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