5 Easy Exercises to Get Fit in Your Plunge Pool
Feb 12, 2023

A plunge pool is more than just an exceptional addition to your backyard. Plunge pools are perfect for anyone looking for a mix of everything – exercise, leisure and relaxation. Install a plunge pool in your backyard, and you can keep fit and healthy without leaving the comfort of home! 

There are heaps of water exercises that burn fat and strengthen muscles, all while giving you and your family infinite levels of fun! All you need is a good routine to ensure your exercises are effective. Here are five easy exercises to help you get fit in your plunge pool!

Benefits Of Water Based Fitness

While you can exercise in any size and style of swimming pool, plunge pools are an excellent workout-specific choice. Because of their size, they are cheaper and faster to heat. Add a pool cover, and you can exercise if you plunge pool year-round. Plunge pools are perfect for anyone looking for a mix of everything, from exercise to leisure and relaxation. Water exercises are also beneficial for people with sports injuries, joint pain, balance issues, and pregnant women.

The best thing about plunge pool exercises is they’re low impact, high resistance, and tailored for any fitness level. You can get a great cardio workout and benefit from strength training. Don’t forget that spending time in the water can have many positive effects on your mental health. Oh, and obviously, there are no laps required! Just don’t forget to put the swimming pool cover back on to maintain the water’s temperature.

While you can’t swim laps in a plunge pool, they’re perfect for cardio exercises like water aerobics for people of all age groups. Exercising in water activates the major muscle groups in your body while also building up cardiovascular endurance. Despite their low impact, water-based workouts below can still be high intensity because the water provides plenty of physical resistance, making you push your muscles that much harder.

5 Exercises To Do In A Plunge Pool

Exercises for a plunge pool covers all kinds of perfect everyday workouts. They can help improve your fitness and tone your muscles, without getting yourself burnt out.

Water Walking / Jogging

Start with an easy plunge pool exercise by taking a few steps forward and then walking backward. To make it more difficult, you can slowly increase your speed and intensity until you’re jogging in place. Then alternate between walking and jogging for 30 seconds each until 5 minutes is up.

Ball Water Aerobics

Water aerobics is great for weight loss, burning calories, and resistance training, especially when incorporating a ball into your routine. For example, you can hold the ball in front of you at chest level while balancing on one leg for 30 seconds and then switch legs.

Pool Noodle Exercises

There are a few pool noodle exercises you can do which effectively engage your core or shoulder areas. With the noodle in front, push down on it till it reaches your legs, let it up and then repeat. Put the pool noodle under your armpits and around your upper back while doing crunches, keeping your legs straight and then pulling them into your chest. Do 20 or so reps of these or until you’re fatigued.

Arm Circles

Submerge your body to your neck and elevate both arms to shoulder height at the sides, then start rotating them in forwards circles at moderate speeds for about 20 reps or when they get tired. Switch and start rotating in backward circles.

Add Weights

When you’re ready to spice up your exercise routine, you can invest in some proper water workout equipment. There are all kinds of water weights and other enhancements designed especially for aquatic exercises and aerobics. You can get all types of equipment to add resistance for your plunge pool workouts, such as wrist weights, ankle weights, leg weights, arm weights, resistance gloves, foam dumbbells, kickboards and more.

Narellan Pools Plunge Pools

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