Benefits of a Winter Pool Install
Mar 1, 2023

As summer comes to an end for another year, you might be thinking it’s not the right time to push forward with your dream of a beautiful backyard swimming pool.

Just because temperatures are dropping around the country though, doesn’t mean you should put your dream on the back burner. In fact, winter offers plenty of benefits when it comes to swimming pool installations, and booking your installation for the winter months is bound to make life easier for you in more ways than one.

Read on to learn four key reasons why a winter install will set your next summer up to be your best yet!


Summer tends to be the peak of the season for pool builders and many other trades, with many families looking to get projects started and completed during school holidays. Winter, however, generally sees more install spots available, meaning you’re more likely to find an install spot then. It’s not just your local pool builder who is more likely to be available either; other trades you could be relying on to complete your backyard projects, such as landscapers, gardeners, and electricians, are more likely to be available in winter, too. Consequently, you can organize for all the trades you’ll need to be on-site when it works for you, rather than potentially facing delays due to booked-up schedules.


If you’ve been looking into having a pool installed, you may already be aware that your pool will need to go through an approval process before installation can commence. Whether you’re set to get a CDC or a DA, this process can easily get drawn out. A peak season install could mean that there’s a backlog of projects for your local council or certifier to work through. There’s a good chance you could avoid being caught up in such a backlog if you opt for a winter install. Also, having your pool installed in winter will ensure that your swimming time over summer won’t be impacted, should your approval take longer than expected to come through.

Swim Earlier

With your pool installed in winter, you’ll be able to start swimming as soon as warmer weather arrives. This means that you’ll be swimming as early as spring! Plus, if you arrange for pool heating to be installed with your pool, your swim season will be extended even further, so you might be swimming even earlier than spring! Have a chat with your local Narellan Pools Builder about the pool heating options available to you.

Less Impact on your Routines

The reality of summer is that the warmer weather encourages the family to get outside and spend time in the yard. By having your pool installed in winter, you help to avoid impact on your family routines. During the chilly weather, the kids can stay inside and keep warm, while watching all the action of the pool build through the closest window. Backyards can get messy during projects like pool installations, but this won’t be as much of an issue in winter when you’re more likely to be spending time inside.

As travel overseas is still out of the question, we’re seeing significant demand for our pools. Our clients are keen to enjoy summer staycations, with a pool from Narellan Pools at the center of their fun. Winter install spots are filling quickly across the board, so make sure to reach out to your local Narellan Pools Builder as soon as you can, to get your winter to install spot booked.

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