Day in the life of a Narellan pool owner
Mar 2, 2023

Your pool should be a sanctuary for you and your family – a place where you can relax and unwind after a busy week, a place where you can teach the little ones to swim, a place where you can exercise on a brisk morning, and a place where you can engage and reconnect with those important to you.

A day in the life of a Narellan pool owner is an experience that many people crave. If you’ve never owned a pool before, you might wonder what a day in the life of a pool owner involves.

We recently reached out to Belinda, who owns a Narellan pool, to showcase how her pool fits in with her family’s life, and to capture a few of those awesome moments in just one day of a pool owner’s life.

Read on to immerse yourself in the day in the life of a pool owner, and be inspired!

Step 1: The Morning Prep:

Belinda gets the kids involved when a pool day is planned. A quick clean-up of the pool in the morning takes no time at all and teaches young ones the importance of looking after their pool, so they can always swim in beautiful, crystal clear water! It’s also fun tidying up the pool, knowing that you’ll get to reap the rewards of your efforts very soon after! Here, you can see the kids scooping out the leaves and debris from the surface of the water and the pool floor. They’re also going to empty the skimmer box, to help keep their pool equipment in tip-top shape!

Step 2: Having a Blast:

It’s time to SWIM! Arguably the best time on a pool owner’s day is when you’re swimming. Belinda’s family is clearly enjoying themselves here! With some fun pool inflatables, you can choose to play games or lounge around in the pool for as long as you like! You do you!

Step 3: Poolside Snacks:

It’s important to break up a day in the pool with some lunch! You don’t have to do a big meal at lunchtime – some simple and healthy snacks are the perfect way to feed the family whilst keeping everyone together, poolside. Check out the little grazing board Belinda put together, which was clearly a big hit!

Step 4: The end of the pool day:

When you’re having fun in the pool, you can easily forget the time! As a pool owner, you’ll likely find that you and your family can spend a full day in and around the pool. Of course, that’s what the pool is there for, right? Once you’ve had all the fun you can handle in one day, it’s time to leave the pool, and make sure you remove any pool toys when you step out. There’s no need to head back inside, though. With an inviting outdoor space next to the pool – like Belinda’s beautiful poolside bar set-up – you can enjoy a cool drink with family and friends after your swim!

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