Everything You Need To Know About Pool Landscaping
Mar 6, 2023

While we’re not landscapers at Narellan Pools, we do help you choose and install a swimming pool to meet your needs, and we highly recommend working with a landscape company to help you fully develop your backyard oasis. Pool landscapers can even help advise on a pool type or shape that will suit your needs, and make sure your yard is transformed into an environment you’ll love to live in.

That being said, even after hiring a pool landscaper, you’ll want to take a few things into consideration:

Get Inspiration, Be Experimental

A great place to start, even before choosing a pool style or a landscape company, is to jump online to gather inspiration. FacebookPinterest, Instagram, and google image searches will show you just how creative you can be with your outdoor space. Find examples that you think fit with your style and taste, and that also work with your home or existing architecture. Once you’ve hired a landscape professional, you can share your findings and discuss the best options according to your budget and backyard size.

Don’t forget to talk to friends and family, to source advice and style recommendations. Those closest to you understand your style and can help you make decisions or give you ideas of how to make things work. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little to create a pool area you’ll continue to enjoy for years to come.

Think About Safety Early

Safety is one of the reasons why pool landscaping is so important. Remember that you may need to include elements, such as fencing or non-climate zones, for safety purposes. There may even be specific laws in your area that need to be adhered to, and a pool landscaper will be able to advise on legal requirements and what that might mean in terms of your landscape design and pool placement.

Pools by their nature also mean wet decks and surrounding areas, so think beyond the pool and plan for non-slip surfaces and spaces that contain lots of room for both loungers and clear pool access. It will put everyone’s safety front and centre.

Light Will Affect Your Environment

Remember that a pool’s colour is affected by the environment itself. This means on cloudy days, the pool colour will appear darker than on sunny days. This also means the surrounding environment, such as trees and shrubs, will affect the colour of your pool. Think about the placement of plants and other features and discuss with your landscape professional how the naturally available light will affect the area.

This also means considering lighting when the sun goes down. Strategically placed lights surrounding the pool area are just as important as other features, especially if you’re prone to entertaining in the evenings. Consider light elements and how to build them into the surrounding landscape, so your pool can be enjoyed any time of the day or night.

Take the Style of Your House and Work to Compliment It

The design of your house will ultimately play a large role in designing the type of pool and surrounding landscape. Don’t think about it as a separate piece. Rather, find ways to incorporate its design into your backyard oasis.

If your house is modern, think about a pool and landscape full of sharp, clean lines. If your house is more traditional, adding gardens and naturally sourced rocks may accentuate the home while mirroring the surrounding environment.

Consider Your Entertaining Needs

Pools are amazing gathering points for friends and family. Many people get pools to be able to entertain guests while enjoying the outdoors. That means you’ll need to consider who you are entertaining while designing your surrounding landscape.

Small cottage houses for changing, outdoor showers for rinsing off, covered areas for prepping meals or relaxing, etc. should all be incorporated into the final design according to how you envision using your pool area in the future.

Think About the Weather

There may be days when rain is in the forecast, or you might want a covered area to ensure respite from the relentless sun. Depending on your location, the weather can have a serious effect on your enjoyment of the pool area. Plan for the weather as you design your pool landscape. Once again, if you will often be entertaining, covered seated areas make perfect gathering places for mingling.

Also, consider the weather when choosing your greenery. Look for native species or plants that thrive in your local climate. It will be much easier for your surrounding green spaces to flourish if the plants themselves suit the environment, and it will keep you from having to create special ground conditions to force growth.

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