Landscaping Your Backyard? 3 Reasons To Add a Small Swimming Pool
Sep 8, 2021

Are you landscaping your backyard in time for summer? A swimming pool is a great addition to any outdoor space, complementing the aesthetics, providing the family with plenty of fun over the warmer months, and it can even add value to your property. If you’re lacking space though, it might seem an impossible task. Fortunately, that’s not the case, and even the addition of a compact plunge pool can make a huge difference to your home. Here’s what you need to know.

Benefits Of A Small Swimming Pool

Plunge pools, lap pools and compact pools are all great small inground pools options if you’re limited on space for your new pool design. And they all share similar benefits: 

  • They are easier to maintain than larger swimming pools. There’s less space to clean and you’ll use fewer chemicals, less water and lower energy consumption to keep it running.
  • Fibreglass plunge pool and compact designs are more stylish than larger pool sizes. A compact fibreglass inground pool can be designed to suit any shape, size and colour so you can fill up a corner of the yard, or even have a feature inground pool coming off the side of your deck.
  • They are more affordable. Not only are they cheaper to maintain, they’re also more affordable to purchase and install in the first place. And they take less time to install, so labour costs are cheaper as well.
  • You get all the benefits of a big pool, yet take up much less space. Pools are all about having a great time, keeping cool in the summer, and getting exercise. A plunge pool gives you all of these but doesn’t take up all your backyard space.

3 Reasons To Add A Swimming Pool While Landscaping

The best time to add a pool to your backyard is when you’re already planning on landscaping, and the reasons for this are simple:

1.    Backyard Will Already Be Cleared

Installing a pool in your backyard is a lot of work – and to do so you will have to clear the land first. This includes removing any excess soil, which may require an excavator; and removing any hard rock that might get in the way of the installation. You’ll also have to remove any trees or shrubs, roots or pipes. If you’re already in the process of landscaping your yard, you won’t have to stress as much of this will already be done.

2.    Can Use The Pool As A Focal Point And Build Around It

One of the best reasons to install a pool while you’re already transforming your landscape is that it gives you a focal point that you can then build around. Often when coming up with a design for your backyard you’ll be stuck for ideas. With a pool central to the design, you can then decide where you want to put decking and gardens, as well as lighting and entertainment spaces, among other features.

3.    Increased Pool Safety – Prepare As You Go

Installing your pool while you do your landscaping will give you the chance to make sure you include any safety features needed to meet Australian Standard AS 1926. This includes fencing laws where your fences need to be at least 1.2 metres tall surrounding the pool, non-climbable zones of 900mm on all sides of the pool, no tall items within easy reach of the pool area, steps and rails if required, non-slip pavers, and so on. It’ll save you time and money doing this as you go, rather than having to go back and fix things later.

Create A Backyard That Flows While Complimenting Your House

If your backyard is appealing, it shows that you’ve put effort into your property. This is not only good for future owners of the property if you decide to sell, but also makes the house homier for you and your family. 

At Narellan Pools, we’ve been working with local families for decades to provide a backyard oasis to suit their personal and family goals. We are the highest quality fibreglass swimming pool builders in Australia, manufacturing the pool shells in our very own ISO 9001 accredited Australian facilities. These shells have been perfected over the past 50+ years to ensure they are superior to any other design in the world. If you’re landscaping your yard, adding in a plunge pool or compact swimming pool is a great way to transform your backyard design into an all-year oasis. We can help you choose the right pool size, shape and colour! Get in touch today.

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