The Ultimate Pool Party for Kids
Mar 6, 2023

Pool Party Themes

While a standard pool party is great, a themed party is even better. Planning your party around a theme will not only make decorating easier but can add an extra level of fun for the kids.

Under the Sea or Mermaid Theme

A somewhat obvious choice, an under-the-sea or mermaid-themed party is a perfect match for a pool party. The kids can get creative and can dress up as their favourite underwater animal or mermaid.

Pirate Theme

Pirates may spend their time at sea, but will equally love a fun party by the pool. The kids can get involved with dress-up (pirate costumes are easy and cheap to do) and you can have pirate-themed party games such as diving for lost treasure.

Alternative Themes

Just because the party is hosted at the pool doesn’t mean the theme has to be restricted to things usually found in water. If your kid isn’t into mermaids or pirates you may have to think a bit more outside the box, but you can still tailor the theme to suit. It could be a water planet or a spaceship has landed on an exotic island the princesses are visiting.


You could send a standard paper invite but it’s a pool party, so why not mix things up a bit and keep with the theme? It is also a good idea to include some reminders, such as bringing sunscreen and a change of clothes.


Sunglasses are an essential accessory to a pool party in the summer, but they can also make a perfect novelty invite. Grab some kids’ sunglasses and attach a tag to them with the party details.


Writing the details and important information on an inflatable can make a fun and unique party invite. Simply use a permanent marker to write the details on the inflatable, whilst it’s inflated, and then deflate it for posting.


Of course, you’ll need to feed all those kids who have been busy swimming and playing all day. Finding the right food for a pool party is crucial to its success; quick and easy to maximise playtime is the name of the game. Whatever the food options are, also remember to use non-breakable plates and glasses (plastic or paper) to reduce the risk of poolside injury.


Cupcakes can be an excellent alternative to a traditional cake. Smaller, easier to eat on the go, and perfect to decorate to the party theme. Try turning it into a party activity by letting the kids decorate them themselves.


Even fussy eaters usually like pasta, making it an ideal option for party food. It can even be served hot or cold, making preparation in advance easy. Keep in fitting with the pool theme by using Conchiglie pasta (otherwise known as ‘shell’ pasta) which looks like small seashells.

Icy Poles

Icy poles are perfect for a hot day by the pool, and they will help to keep the kids hydrated as well. Store-bought ones are great, but it’s also easy to make your own by freezing fruit juices — trying layering and freezing in batches for endless combinations.


What’s a party without party games? Once you have the pool decorated, everybody invited and fed, you’ll need some great ways to entertain them.

Giant Jenga

Not every pool party game has to be in the pool. Giant Jenga is great fun for adults and kids alike and can easily be made as a quick DIY project. Cut some 2″ x 4″ planks of wood into strips about 22″ long, then paint in fitting with the theme.

Water Pistol Races

A couple of plastic cups, some string, and a water pistol can make a great party activity. Pierce holes in the cups, thread the string through with the opening of the cup facing the player, and shoot the water pistol to push it along.

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